I’m broken My heart is frozen The damage is severe Done by those I once called dear So much pain from long lost love Now I wear this armor with […]

Feeling ill feeling down,I can not banish this perpetual frown,Far to much time has past,Since I held you last,My dear you are always on my mind,This time apart has been […]

Seeing pure beauty And feeling only pain The devils fork I fear not For equal pain it can not bring Sitting in the darkness To see the light Sucoming to […]

Laying in bed,Thoughts swirling in my head,Lacking any motivation,To get up from my location,Nightmares while I sleep,Awake wanting to weep,Will they come true,Or can we once again pull through,Only time […]

Racing heart,Fearing being forever apart,Acted like an asshole,Now I’m paying the toll,I can’t stop shaking,My heart is aching,How do I say I’m sorry,Will you even hear my plea,Breaking down,Will you […]

Rage fills my head,Then I see your pic,And nothing more need be said,Looking at you does the trick,The calm washes over me,And I can handle anything,You are my sea of tranquility,I […]

Knotted rope thirsty blade,Sanity frayed,In death you know love,Only to be realized from above,Depression sets in,Followed by thoughts of mortal sin,Find peace in pain,View he who is truly insane,A true work of art,Comes from a broken […]

Go to sleep and dream of you,And the pain starts anew,I thought I was past this,Feelings I thought I could dismiss,One passionate dream,Brings back pain supreme,Another round in hell,The devil […]