Who is oppy1984?

Basically I’m just a guy who years ago bought the domain for his online handle and decided to make a site. I’m uniformly unique just like everyone else.

A little about me

I like several types of music, both Rock and Roll. Hail Saint Lemmy.

Dog’s are better than cats.

Picard is the superior captain, some may disagree with that but they are entitled to their right to be wrong.

Linux is superior to windows and mac.

Work History

I’ve been a grounds keeper at a golf course

A fry cook at a chicken chain

An aircraft cleaning technician (plane janitor)

An over night courier (both for profit and self-employed)

A two bay truck dock assistant manager (AKA the one who did the actual work for less money)

An aircraft dispatcher and line service (see the previous job for the work and money statement)

And others that won’t be discussed since I have bills to pay.

My Interests



Self hosting

Radio (Amateur, GMRS, LoRa, ect.)


And other things I can’t think of right now and will probably forget to add later. ADHD everybody!