You broke me

You broke me,
You brought me to my knees,
You were with me,
And let me think of what could be,
All the while you were fucking another,
He who said he was my brother,
You stabbed me in the heart,
And then you did depart,
You left me broken and cold,
My mind uncontrolled,
Yet even today a decade gone,
To you I am drawn,
You took the ring then gave it back,
You sent me into the dark and the black,
Even today I drink because of you,
I just can’t seem to pull though,
And endless string of nameless women,
Is all I’ve been given,
I still see your face in all of them,
Your beauty is still my ultimate gem,
You were the perfect one,
My love and hate never to be undone.

Hey not bad for someone who’s fairly well drunk at the moment!

This is the song I’ve been listing to for over 3 hours none stop.  It’s the perfect mix of rage and sorrow.

“As wicked as you are, your beautiful to me”