The day I got accused of being a Orwellian Yodeling Big Brother by my favorite podcast


Until recently I’ve been pinching pennies, and though I wanted to support my favorite podcasters and YouTubers on I’ve been holding off to try and save money.  Well a few days ago I realized that I was able to afford to start supporting them so I went onto and pledged a dollar to them with the intention of uping my pledge down the road when my finial situation gets better, so I pledged to the following Patreon creators:

Night Attack

The Modern Rogue

Justin (Robert) Young

I Like To Make Stuff


And because I’m a dumbass I forgot to pledge to one more which has just been added


Now what happened in the video was totally unexpected and hysterical, first of all when Brian said he got three emails and the person downgraded their pledge I knew it wasn’t me, but then they said my name…of course now that my honor has been questioned I must demand satisfaction, and satisfaction can only come from the sea, I demand a 50 state capital quiz!  I of course can not go to Texas to fight this epic battle myself so in my stead I send Captain Morgan!  Ahoy, Brain…unless he’s to drunk…wait he’s always to drunk…never mind.

Now for anyone who ins’t familiar with the show let me just say this was great, when I heard this I was driving on the highway and almost had to pull off the road because I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.  Seriously I’ve been listening to Night Attack for years even in it’s previous incarnation, and I knew this was possibility when I made my pledge.  If for some reason you think I should be offended by this understand this, what did they was no different than friends who make fun of each other, it’s all in good fun.

No I’d like to explain the name oppy1984, my last name is Oplinger and in 7th grade football my coach called me oppy, then the rest of the team started calling me oppy, then everyone in the school started calling me oppy, and well the nickname stuck.  As for the 1984, I was born in 1984.  The reason I combined the two was years ago when I was setting up an email account oppy was taken as was oppy1, oppy2, oppy3, ext. so I tried adding my birth year and it was available so I went with it.  Then every time I tried to sign up for some online account oppy was alwasy taken so I just started using oppy1984 for everything and just kind of became known as oppy1984  everywhere, so I stuck with it and eventually even bought the domain for this blog.  So no I’m not an Orwellian Yodeler, it’s literally just the screen name I can usually get so I stick with it.  But Eurasia has always been at war with Eastasia.