Wrestlemania 31 after not watching wrestling for 10 years

First a quick back story, I quit watching wrestling 10 or 12 years ago I honestly can’t remember when exactly, but it was from some YouTube clips that I saw Sting was in the WWE/F/G/H/I/J/K/L/M/N/O/P and he was going to fight Triple H at Wrestlemania 31.  Ok so I was a huge mark for Sting in the WCW days, and I was huge mark for Triple H in WWF (Mick Foley as well), so when I found out that this dream match of mine was going to take place I went ahead and spent the $10.00 for one month of the WWE Network so I could see this match.  I subscribed a little early so I could watch some of the back catalog and just kind of enjoy myself and watch the wrestling I grew up on.  I have to say I’m not that impressed with the network, if you want to see old WWF shows you can find 90% of what you want, unless you want to see an episode of RAW from the past month, but if you’re like me and you want to see the old WCW and ECW stuff then the catalog is very limited.  Overall I’m not impressed with the network and won’t be keeping it.
Now back to Wrestlemania, I actually would have liked to see the fatal 4-way tag team match & the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in the main show and if Vince hadn’t wasted time on having The Rock and Triple H in a dick measuring contest and hour long intros for every match then he could have fit those matches into the show and given more bang for the buck.
Ladder Match for the IC Title
As I watched each wrestler walk out I kept saying to myself, who is this?  I remember R-Truth but that was when he was with the Road Dogg and rapping in the ring.  I have to say for a ladder match it was very tame, the one time it felt like a ladder match form the good old days was when Dean Ambrose was powerbombed over the top rope into a ladder.  Over all I can only say this, NO, NO, NO, NO!
Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
I was still watching when Orton was in so I remember him, but Seth Rollins is a new one on me, oh well.  I have to say the two put on a damn good match, and that finisher was amazing.
Sting vs. Triple H
Where the hell do I begin?  Ok if you want to do the Sting entrance right you have to have an indoor event, it has to be dark so he can be mysterious.  Also the Asian drum line really didn’t fit with anything Sting, it was just really out of place.  Then we get to the Terminator entrance of Triple H…this was painful to watch.  I’ve see other over the top entrances he’s done and they have worked, but he’s always been a barbarian not a future robowrestler that scans the area from above the entrance.  This entrance was so bad I couldn’t even laugh, I just had to cringe.  I understand doing a tie-in to the terminator movie but do it with some promo between matches, or run an ad, but don’t dress Triple H up like a robowrestler, do some stupid “scanning” for Sting, and have Arnold make a really shitty cameo with glowing eyes.  I think Sting’s WTF face during that entrance said it all, yes Sting WTF indeed.
As for the match, it was alright, but you can tell both Triple H and Sting are getting old and slowing down, but they did a good job.  Of course then DX came out and played heel, and NWO came out and played face, and it was the Monday night wars all over again.  I was disappointed with the ending but I understand it, Vince had to remind everyone that he won the the Monday night war and WCW is dead, ok Vince we get it, your over compensating for something at this point Vinnie boy.  Lets just not forget that for a long time WCW was beating WWF in the Monday night wars and it was for a reason, WCW was better at the time, yes Vinnie Mac won in the end, but WCW was on top for a time.
In closing on this match I will just say my hat is off to HoganHall, and Nash for the bumps they took, and it was just nice to see Scott Hall looking healthy and back doing what he’s best at.  Also MY GOD NASH IS GREY.
AJ Lee Paige vs. The Bella Twins
I’m just going to be honest I didn’t know who any of the women were and so I skipped this match.
John Cena vs. Rusev
his match brought to you by the 80’s.  It’s Sgt. Slaughter vs. The Iron Sheik all over again.  It was a decent match, but I’ve never like Cena, I just hate the white boy ghetto thing he does.  And I’ve never heard of Rusev, so I didn’t really care about this one.
The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt
Ok, I had no idea what the back story here with The Undertaker was and I’ve never heard of Bray Wyatt but I will say that once again having the show indoors would have made the entrances MUCH better, that and maybe not have Wyatt’s entrance being 2o minutes long.  The match itself was alright, except for the crab walk thing, WTF was that?  I’ve seen better, I’ve see worse.
Brock Lesner vs. Roman Reigns
Ok let me start off by saying that I hate Lesner because he was just the WWF’s Goldberg and I hated Goldberg.  Nothing will ever make me like him.  Roman Reigns, never heard of him.  But I watched that match and watch Roman Reigns take bumps like a rag doll and I knew something was up.  Then Seth Rollins comes out and steals the belt and I understood.  It was an ok match, could have been better.
Ok maybe I’m just spoiled by the good old days of Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler, but it seemed like the announcing team had no idea who they were talking about half the time, or which side they were supposed to before for or against.  Michael Cole and JBL kept going back a forth and even getting basic things like the names of moves or the number of titles held wrong, no in JBL’s case I could understand going back and forth, that could just be the character he plays, but Cole…he should be a strait man like Jim Ross was.  The sad part was Jerry Lawler ended up being the strait man for most of the show, which is not his role, and you could hear the aggravation in his voice at times because he knew they were messing up so badly.
Over all it was a pain to listen to, but what really got me was the way they called the Sting vs. Triple H match.  I understand playing up the fact that Sting was the franchise of WCW, but Cole and JBL just woundn’t let it go, and just kept degrading Sting.  Maybe Vince ordered them to do this but it just soured the whole thing for me, we get it guys, Sting was in WCW, WCW lost the war and got bought by WWE/F move on and called the match with some damn respect.  And when they started in on the fact that WCW was trying to put all of the WWF/E employees out of jobs, well guess what you did put a lot of WCW employees out of jobs.  Again maybe it was what they were told to say by Vince but it just felt really disrespectful and ruined the experience for me.
After watching this years Wrestlemania I think I can safely say I’m done watching wrestling, it’s just not as fun as it was 10 years ago.  I used to be able to just turn on any wrestling and without even knowing the story line enjoy a good match, but this time I just felt bore, a little disgusted, and like I wasted my time.  Maybe it’s because of my age, maybe it’s just changed, but I just don’t see any reason to invest my time and money in this sport any more.  In the end the picture below says it all.