Wreck-it Ralph

Thursday I watched Wreck-it Ralph, and while it wasn’t the best Disney film I’ve seen it was alright.  The video game idea was interesting but in the end not enough to really grab and hold me.  While the graphics were great that alone wasn’t enough, the story just seemed to bland even for a children’s movie.

A big draw back for me was the voice actors, I really don’t like John C. Reilly or his work, Sarah Silverman well….she can fall off the face of the earth right now and it would still be 100 years to late, Jack McBrayer well I’ve never seen anything that he’s had a major role in that I enjoyed.

Kids will enjoy this film and the parents that have to watch this with their children will manage not to gag most of the time.  I’d say don’t bother watching this unless you need something to keep the kids silent.