Why I think Google should keep Motorola and more

It was recently announced that Google will sell Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.91 billion and in my opinion this is a huge mistake, but first HERE is the story if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Why do I think this is such a huge mistake?  I think Google needs to set a standard for Android and having their own hardware division lets them do that, with out a hardware division they have to rely on the hardware partners not to screw it up, and anyone who has had a Samsung device recently can tell you Samsung likes to put a lot of crapware on their Android devices.

First there could be one phone on the market that is always a pure Google Android experience and it could always be Motorola, this would set a standard to the the other manufactures, giving Android a more unified experience but still having options when it came to hardware.  If the manufactures would let Google and the other developers focus on the software and apps then they could focus on innovating when it came to the hardware.  The key to this is Google keeping Motorola but staying hands off from the company with only one rule “No crapware only a pure Google experience” and Google would have to give the same specs to everyone at the same time, they could never show any special treatment towards Motorola.  On the Play Store sell the Motorola as the Google Phone, and let Samsung, LG, and HTC take turns making the Nexus Phone.

I also think Google made a huge mistake dumping the Set-Top Box & Cable Modem division.  Think about it, Google TV could have been on these boxes that people are getting from their cable provider, the provider could say if you want a free Google TV just sign up for cable, and all Google had to do was clean up Google TV and make a few better apps.  As for the cable modems, make an Android based firmware for the modems and give it constant updates and make it the most secure modem out there.  Then I’d say make a Motorola router and do the same thing, give constant updates and make the most secure and trusted products on the market.

Then take the Nest and you’ve started the home integration, this could be just the first step into the home, after Nest move into appliances and security.  And with Google testing self driving cars I say buy an electric car company and make a Google Car.  And with Google Fiber you’ve got the pipes for your Motorola Modems and set-top boxes, then they should buy T-Mobile and integrate that with Google Fiber to offer a Google cellular service and then do a massive network expansion of smaller cellular antennas throughout the country letting them give the best coverage.

Now yes all this would take a long time, and it would be a “moonshot” but if anyone could do it I think Google could.  Now why would they want to do all this?  Signals.  Google loves signals, they could get even more data than they can now while at the same time do good, plus they can sell more targeted ads which would be nice, no ads would be great but they’ve got to make money and lets face it Google’s ads are the least annoying out there.

So there you have it, what I think Google should have done.  Call me crazy for wanting Google to have so much power but I truly think that Google would be the one company that would do it right.  And just to show I do have a bias towards Google, yes I am a Google fan boy.  What do you think?  Good idea? Bad idea? or just Meh…  Let me know in the comments.