Whitney Cummings: Money Shot

I just finished Whitney Cummings: Money Shot and I’ll just re-post my Netflix review.

Ok so men are disgusting pigs who watch porn and she thinks men’s balls are disgusting. Women on the other hand are beautiful and just do stupid stuff to get with men. So men are evil, women are perfect. There I just saved you from wasting an hour, I just told you the basis for every lame “joke” she told. It was just total trash.

Now back to the blog, this is something I just thought of and thought I’d post.

At one point she said that men can go without shaving and it makes them look sexy, if she goes without shaving you think she’s a lesbian. Well Miss Cummings that’s not true, not shaving doesn’t make me think that your a lesbian, spending an hour bashing men makes me think that your a lesbian. But I would never call you a lesbian since that would be a huge insult to all lesbians around the world.

Also I checked out your credits on IMDB, I see that you do some work behind the camera, why don’t you stay there so we don’t have to hear your hateful loud whinny voice.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy female comics I just don’t enjoy any comic, male or female, who spends their entire show bashing the opposite sex and making lame sex jokes for a cheap laugh. Also I can’t stand any comic who spends their entire routine shouting their set, being loud doesn’t make you funny, it makes you obnoxiousness.

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