White House Down

I never thought I’d say this but Olympus Has Fallen is actually decent now that I’ve seen White House Down, and Olympus Has Fallen was anything but good.  This waste of film was so bad that I was yelling at the screen every few minutes, thankfully I was at home watching by myself.
Acting: Sub-par at it’s best.  Channing Tatum & James Woods are horrible as usual, Jamie Foxx gives what I consider his worst performance ever, and the rest of the cast were passable at best.
Plot: Far Fetched at it’s most believable, Mind numbingly painful the rest of the time.
Action: Over the top, and choppy.  The CGI effects were so bad at times I thought they might have release the rough cut by mistake!
Bottom line, don’t waste your time on this trash.
Warning: From this point on I will be discussing parts of the film and will be giving away spoilers, don’t read on if you area masochist and want to punish yourself.  If on the other hand you’ve had the misfortune and seeing this already or have no intention of punishing yourself please read on.
I will not be going over every problem with this film since this I’m writing a blog post not the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so I will just be touching on a few things here.
1.  Getting explosives into the Capital Building to blow it up.  Um no…there are explosive detectors all over the place, there is no way in hell your going to get a bottle rocket in there without being caught, let alone enough explosives to blow up the Capital Building.
2.  Workers being allowed in the White House without their equipment being checked, then allowed to work in the Presidents screening room without Secret Service there to watch them.  Come on really?  You know damn well that’s never going to happen, they would have been searched and caught before they ever got through the main gate!
Skipping over most of the yelling at the screen BS moments and getting to the ending.
3.  Taking over NORAD from the White House and actually launching a missile at Air Force One and hitting it and bringing it down…need I say more?
4.  Channing Tatum jumping though an exterior window head first.  Um the exterior windows at the White House are make to withstand a shot from a high powered rifle, I highly doubt you can just jump out the window.  Also they are sealed shut, so you can’t open them as they did more than once in the film.
5.  A young girl on the lawn waving a flag will make trained fighter pilots abort their mission to save the world…COME ON!!!!  REALLY?
6.  The President just walking around on the lawn after a major attack then slowly gets on Marine One, takes two uncleared people with him, then as he’s bleeding out does a flyby of the Lincoln Memorial.  Ok when the President walked out on to the lawn everyone would have immediately formed a circle around him and got him onto Marine One and taken him to a secure location and given him medical treatment on the spot.
Ok I’m going to stop there, I’ve said enough.  You know, with the amount of explosions and bad CGI I’m really amazed Michael Bay wasn’t involved with the film!