What I want from the rumored Android TV

So with all the rumored talk about Android TV I thought I’d throw my thoughts and wishes out there for this new device.  Currently I use my PS3 for about 90% of my media consumption, I have a Roku as well but I prefer the PS3 it’s smoother, faster, and not only does it stream content but it can also play discs.  Now I know most of what I write here won’t be on the Android TV, but it would be nice to see these things in the future.  So let’s get to it!

First I’d like the Android TV to also be my cable box, have a hook up for a coax cable and let me channel surf through the box instead of the TV.  I’d also like to see an on screen channel guide that you can put your area code into then get your cable provider’s channel line up or if you select antenna since your a cord cutter it would adjust the line up accordingly.  This is all things you can currently do with the TV Guide app on your phone or tablet, I just want it on the TV.

Second I’d like to see a CAT5 hookup with an option to use WiFi as well.  I understand some people prefer WiFi hookups and some people have to have them, but I know if I can I want that CAT5 plugged right into the box for the best results possible.

Third I’d like to see the Android TV also be the universal remote, I have a Logitech Harmony remote and I really love it, having one remote for everything is great and having the remote app on my phone is a nice back up.  I know this was a feature of Google TV so if Android TV can pull it off more like Logitech this could be a really nice feature that could simplify everything for the user.

And forth I’d like to see a Blu ray player built in.  I know that this is a steaming box but that’s how I think of my PS3 and yet it’s also what I watch all my physical discs on too.  Yes 70-80% of my media consumption is from streaming but I still watch discs, and if the Android TV also let me play my DVDs & Blu rays I wouldn’t need any other box.  Of course there would have to be the steaming apps I want too, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon video, Crackle, even Hulu just to name the ones I use(d) (although I don’t have Hulu anymore, see why here, I may be forced to reactivate my subscription if I move in with my girlfriend).

So there you have it, my wishlist for the Android TV.  Do I think there is a snowballs chance in hell that it will have all this at launch?  Of course not, but Google can test Android TV, prove it’s a good product, get some market share, then release new versions or even let other manufactures release their own hardware with Android TV, though I have to say now that I’m only using Nexus hardware I would prefer to just have Google produce the best box possible and buy from them.