Well it’s official, Galway IMT is being shut down.

Well it’f official, at 9:17 P.M. EST I put the paperwork in the mail to shut down Galway IMT, my first company.  I’m not going to say it didn’t hurt, I really wanted my first company to last my lifetime, and really I could have just let it go on existing but that meant doing paperwork for a company that wasn’t doing anything and that doesn’t make sense.

Beside the whole it’s not making any money thing, I also need to focus on Nurse Tutor Inc now more than ever and having Galway there in the back of my mind would have distracted me and only hurt both companies.

I know I’ve said this all before in the previous post but I guess I needed to remind myself why I’m doing it.  I moved to a credit union when the bank I was with was demanding a maintenance fee for a low account balance, and the credit union was a pain to work with online to get accounting done, but I did it to keep the company alive.  I dumped money into the account to try and launch websites to give the company income, all of which failed by the way.  I just was never ready to give up on my first company, and really I’m still not, but I know it’s for the best and hopefully some day I can build a successful company and forget about Galway IMT, then again it was my first company and like a first love you never really forget about them you just learn to move on.


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