So I just finished watching Watchmen, I had to stop the first time since I couldn’t take it any more. Now let me ask those of you who told me I had to see it why exactly was this film the most amazing film ever made in the whole history of forever! Oh wow superheroes with problems, thats never been done before, Batman never saw his parents murdered right in front of him, Ironman never had a drinking problem, The Punisher never had his entire family murdered, and of couse The Boy Scout never had his entire fucking planet blown up, so yeah superheros with problems….never been done before…

The only part that wasn’t total shit in this turd sandwich was the way they saved the planet, I have to admit that I liked that, but thats more of a 20 minute cartoon story not a two hour film story. So in the end anyone who told me I had to see this film get your shit together because I’m coming to get you! Of course once I’ve got you I’m going to duct tape you to a chair, then duct tape your eyes open and make you watch 24 hours of justin bieber concerts. Payback is a bitch.

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