Up In The Air

I didn’t really know what to expect from Up In The Air but I can say I liked it, this is a good one time watch type of film, not something you’ll go back to time and time again but it gets the message across.  Basically this film shows that everyone has emotions and no matter how cold you are on the outside, inside your vulnerable and want to be loved.
Decent but really predictable, there was no real surprise or twist here, just first act, second act, third act, end.  If you’re looking for something deep to make you think I can only say “keep moving nothing to see here”.
Not really much music in this film, but what little music there was didn’t bother me, if fit the mood of the film and matched well.
George Clooney does a fine job, there really isn’t that much to say here, no one was bad, no one was great, just an average job throughout.
As you can tell I was not very impressed by this film, while I can’t say it was bad, I can’t say it was great, it was just alright.  There was no big revelation, and by the end I thought “well now I’ve seen that” so if you want to see it give it a shot but rent this film before you buy.