Well I set up a tumblr account, the first thing I posted was a link to this blog. What’s the point you ask? There is no point, I just wanted to see why everyone thought it was so much better, I don’t see it. The whole micro-blogging thing escapes me, I prefer to just use my good old Blogger. I have a feeling that the only post I ever make on tumblr has been made already, just a link to this blog.

Can anyone explain to me why I should post to tumblr? With the G+ integration of Blogger (soon to be Google Blogs) and the fact that I already have it posting to my notes on facebook I really don’t see the need for tumblr. Now if you can give me a good reason that I’m just not seeing please tell me, who know’s you may just change my mind!

**UPDATE** In February of 2013 I linked my Instagram & Tumblr accounts and have all the pictures I post to Instagram posted on my Tumblr.  So far this is the only thing I have found to do with my Tumblr account.

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