To the reader(s)…

So no one wants to comment eh… you people (lets be realistic here, person) can post comments. Who knows maybe you just don’t have anything to say, fine but you can always just randomly tell me to go fuck myself you know, just to let me know you really do care.

God what a fucked up mindset I’ve got. Really who thinks like that other than old Charily Manson and his click? Yeah I know it’s spelled wrong but I can’t remember how to spell the social click…WAIT A SECOND! Thats it, thats what you can comment on how the hell do you spell the social click! Wow I must be late for a mensa meeting, thats the only reason I could have taken that long to put that together…go with it I live in my own little world and yes it a padded world with strippers, good music, and knight rider is still on and that damn remake never happened.

Now I’m going to go to bed and go to my happy place…and then google myself.

Comment damn you!

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