The Numbers Station

Recently I watched The Numbers Station on Netflix Instant, and while it wasn’t the best film I’ve seen it was worth the time to stream it.  John Cusack does a fine job in his role as the burnt out CIA agent, and Malin Akerman is convincing enough as the civilian code operator.  Story was interesting, it’s not all running around trying not to get caught and killed, it’s the drama of trying to figure out what’s going on while being trapped in a bunker, a nice change of pace if you ask me.

My issue is with the director Kasper Barfoed, first of all he used way to much shaky-cam, I am so sick of this, just mount the damn camera!  Second the lighting could have been better in places, I understand it was meant to be a dark mood setting theme but I couldn’t make things out at times.  Third, lets try and get the microphone near the actors at all times, there are times where the audio fades out, you can still make out what’s being said but the volume noticeably drops.

Alright, now for the major question, would I recommend watching this film?  Short answer, Yes.  I wouldn’t say go out and buy it, but it’s on Netflix Instant so it’s worth a watch, just don’t expect anything like The Bourne Identity it’s different than that, but in my opinion it’s different in a good way.