The Man Who Fell to Earth

I just finished forcing myself to sit though The Man who Fell to Earth and what a total piece of shit this was! First of all, once you finish it you will still wonder what the hell the point of this film was. Second, about half way though this 2 hour and 31 minute waste of film you will realize it’s just an excuse to play fast tempo jazz while switching between psychedelic images and nudity, both female and male. Speaking of nudity if you have ever had the desire to see the penises of Rip Torn or David Bowie then you will love this film. Yes there is A LOT of full frontal nudity, not that I mind it was much more on the female side, it’s just that it seemed like that was the point of the film, just create situations for people to get naked, there was no substance to this film! Basically just don’t see this waste of time, it was horrible!

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