The Lego Movie

Recently I watched The Lego Movie and it’s just what you’d expect from a film marketed to children, goofy and predictable but still fun to watch even as an adult.  Yes it’s goofy, and they do drag the jokes out a bit long sometimes, but they don’t do it so much that it’s annoying.

It was an interesting take seeing Lego people living in a world they would build and destroy without a care in the world.  Obviously you have to totally suspend reality and let your inner child run free to be able to really enjoy this one.  And while I’m on that, to the people who are saying they are trying to make a political statement and are brain washing kids just because the bad guy’s name is Lord Business, give me a break people you’ve seen the movie you know what that means, get over yourselves, some times it’s just a child’s imagination.

Now as for the film it’s self, the animation was top notch as you would expect.  The casting was great, I can’t believe how many big names they got.  Some people say that Morgan Freeman’s character was to goofy but I liked it, it made fun of the wise old wizard in a fun way without being annoying.  The rest of the cast was great too, though I’m not crazy about Will Arnett as Batman, his voice just didn’t sound right to me, then again I did grow up on Batman: The Animated Series.

Over all it’s a great movie to put in for the kids, or your inner child.  Just be prepared to have the “Everything Is Awesome” song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.