The Kingdom

I just finished The Kingdom and now I’m sorry I put off watching it for so long. I was going to write a review for this film here and just copy and paste it to my Netflix account to review it there but then I starting reading other reviews on Netflix and I can’t say it any better than fellow Netflix user wgb 767416. So since I know I won’t say it any better than him I will just copay and paste his review here and instead of trying myself and not doing this film justice.

So from Netflix user wgb 767416:
“I had the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of The Kingdom and loved it. The film is violent and rather graphic so if you have a weak stomach you might want to pass. Considering the subject matter, I was actually surprised how many times I laughed out loud. The dialogue was very natural, the acting was excellent, and the plot was engaging. Some people have complained that the story starts slow, but I disagree. The film builds to a crescendo, and the last half hour is very intense, but everything leading up to the climax is what really gives this movie its depth. The Kingdom is thought-provoking and timely. As someone who makes a living writing about current affairs I thought it was well balanced, it dealt with a very controversial topic without being political. Rather than attempting to shape public opinion, the filmmakers simply present you with a story and let you draw your own conclusions.”

And now back to me oppy:
See I told you I couldn’t do it better.

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