The Journey: Gifted Enlightenment

The Journey: Gifted Enlightenment is a thing that happened and you can go down in history as having been there when it happened, buy this book, give it a five star review, go down in history as having been part of this event of note.  Chet Paige is the author of this thing that happened, you will come to know him, and hear him when he’s done with the audio book of this book.
    1. Buy The Journey: Gifted Enlightenment & give it a five star review.
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“This book has changed my life. I was a slacker, who did nothing with his life. One day in Bombay I met a guy carrying a monkey on his back. He was hungry, so I gave him some alley soup to cheer up. What I got in return was Amazon code. To this book. Thank you Chet, you’re awesome. This and Die in the fire are currently my Top2 books.” – Jachym
“Super genius Chet Paige has done it again for the first time. Thanks to Chet I can finally understand my place in the world and how to get the chairs that I deserve. If you don’t buy this book, you might as well just give up on life.” – John
“It’s really simple for someone to just say “Pretend I’m not here.” But what takes guts, what takes gusto, is to get up out of your normal life. Get out of that “hot tub” of warm soothing water and blow away the smoke of obscurity, to not “live alone” but to go out and interact with others and find your way. What Mr. Paige has done is remarkable. I know that it may seem unbelievable to any Steve, Alex, or Paul – but the art of American Story telling goes back to 1776, right at our founding of this great country we were able to move about and tell stories of not only the American Dream, but the interstitial Human Dream – the desire to find ourselves. Now I could tell you about the amazing things that I have learned by reading this journey, but that’s not for me to do. No, you must experience it yourself – you must reach down deep and ask yourself if you are ready to not go to some outside problem solvers, but find the peace and tranquility within yourself.” – James