The Imitation Game

Having seen The Imitation Game I can only say, it was good.  I know some of the story was inaccurate, and I get that, but still it just kind of made me not want to get into the film as much knowing that ahead of time.  If this were a pure fantasy film it would have been great, a little long winded, but great, but sadly it was a true story and so the fact that there were fallacies only takes away from what would other wise be a great film.
I’d say this was a good story, it left you thinking by the time it was over and that is always a good thing in my opinion.  You have to remember that while the vest majority of this story is true, there are some fictional parts that aren’t obvious, and this is the major issue with the film since while watching the film you’ll have a nagging little voice in the back of your head wondering if every little part of this is true or not.
The film was very well cast and the actors were amazing, Cumberbatch is amazing, he can portray genius and suffering at the same time and make you feel and believe both without question.  As for Keira Knightley, I really don’t have that much to say, she wasn’t bad she just didn’t really stand out to me.  The rest of the cast was fine, nothing special but not bad.
Very little music really, there was some, but not much.  The music was really just things in the background that would be playing on a record player.  Of course the music was appropriate for the time the film was taking place.
Should you see this film?  Yes.  Just go into it knowing that it’s not 100% true, do that and you can sit back and enjoy the film.  It’s a good look at the Enigma Machine and how the British were able to break it, and everyone should know that part of history.