The happiest day of my blogging life!

So on July 24th I made a blog post entitled Brian Brushwood’s biggest con reveled and on July 25th +Brian Brushwood posted a link to that post on his Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.  The following are screen shots from each site.

My post on Brian Brushwood’s Facebook.
My post on Brian Brushwood’s Google Plus.
My post on Brian Brushwood’s Twitter.
Less than 24 hours after he posted this link to that post it became the second most viewed post of all time on this blog.  I just want to say that writing that post was never intended to drive that much traffic to my blog, I was just having some fun.  I also want to say thank you to all those who read that post and an even bigger thank you to Brian for posting that, as a fan it meant a lot.
So about what time do you think Brian Brushwood posted my links?