The Green Hornet.

Well I just finished The Green Hornet and I have to say what a total piece of trash! First of all “the green hornet” isn’t a superhero, his driver is, but that’s besides the point I knew about that going into this turd-burger. The acting was just alright, the story sucked, the “stop action” every time there was a fight scene was just stupid, basically the only thing that even remotely made this film watchable was Kato and his gadgets, and even that wasn’t enough to save this one.

If this is what taking a comedic actor and throwing them into a superhero role looks like then The Green Lantern is doomed! The only thing is Ryan Reynolds has proven he can do roles other than comedy so I don’t think the Lantern will suffer the same fate, though both having comedic actors playing superheros with green in their names is a little disturbing.

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