The cell phone that cried wolf

I’ve had to turn off the Emergency Alert  system on my phone, the damn thing was going off every 30 mins with the same message every day.  I realize that I need to be aware of dangerous situations but if you keep screaming about disaster over and over, day after day, eventually even if you’re right no one will listen to you.  It’s sad really, this was a really great idea, but once you start to abuse it, the once great thing just becomes annoying and kicked to the curb.

If you’re wondering how to turn off emergency alert system on you’re smart phone then here is how to go about it.

1. Open the stock messaging app.
2. Click “settings” then “emergency alerts”
3. Uncheck what you don’t want.

This method didn’t work for me, I have a Galaxy Nexus so maybe it’s different than the carrier set up, I don’t know, but the steps I took were as follows.

1. Open the stock messaging app.
2. Click “cell broadcasts”
3. Select the menu then select “settings”
4. Uncheck what you don’t want.