The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

Ok so I got back from Mansfield and starting hitting Walmarts looking for The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day on bluray since I have the first one on bluray already. After Massillon and Canton Walmarts I went to the one on Route 62 and found it, you know damn well I bought it and went strait home!

After sitting down with a bowl of popcorn I watched every last second of this movie and let me just say if the first one was Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa then the second one was the Last Supper. What a piece of art! This was just an amazing fucking movie!

This will be a movie I watch over and over along with the first one of course.

Oh and I also bought Law Abiding Citizen (great movie if you haven’t seen it do your self a favor and watch it) and Michael Collins (another great film that you should see).

So even though I had a shitty day right from the start at least I was able to finish it happy, well that is if nothing happens from now till I get to bed…I’m fucked!

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