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Web Hosting
SiteGround – With 99% up time (in my experience) fast and friendly customer support, easy to navigate UI, and Let’s Encrypt support, SiteGround is my favorite host.  I’ve tried others over the years but SiteGround is the best, I use it on two sites, this site and the site I co-own NurseTutor.net and I couldn’t be more happy.  Use my link and sign up with SiteGround ground now for just $2.95 per month.

Ting.com – If you’re sick of the usual “buy this gigantic bundle that no one will ever use or pay as you go for way too much per minute,” model that most mobile carriers run on, you should definitely give Ting a shot. They’re a customer-focused mobile provider in the US that on charges their customers for what they use – no monthly minimums, no hidden fees. They have fantastic customer support, and they even have a savings calculator available that lets you calculate what your bill would be through Ting before you make the switch. If you break contract to move to Ting, they’ll cover 25% (max $75) of your contract cancellation fee, and you get $25 in device or service credit when you use the link provided.

Project Fi – Project Fi launched in 2015, as an alternate wireless carrier for select Google devices. With Project Fi, Google uses a blend of Wi-Fi and the networks of three carriers to keep you covered, and its pay-only-for-what-you-use approach may appeal to smartphone owners who balk at paying for one unused megabyte of data