Superman / Batman: Public Enemies

Ok so I just finished watching Superman / Batman: Public Enemies and damn was it good. I would say it’s not going to be on cartoon network until Adult Swim time but it’s not that bad. If you haven’t seen it and you are a fan of the DC Universe check it out, some inside jokes, clever dialog between Batman and the boyscout…I mean superman, and Kevin Conroy doing the best damn Batman voice there is. Seriously Kevin Conroy should just change is name to Bruce Wayne and get it over with, he is Batman.

Ok ok all you boyscout lovers, and an honorable mention for Tim Daly doing the voice of superman…no really his voice is perfect for the boyscout. On a side note does any one else see the humor is the guy who voices superman was the star of a show called wings… who ever he plays they always have to fly.

So now that I have given this movie the Official Psycho Seal of Approval give it a try you will enjoy it.

P.S. I made the seal HERE.

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