Suggestions for TWiT to Leo Laporte

First of all let me say that I love the TWiT Network, I listen to several shows while I’m driving 3-4 hours every night, and I watch Know How every week and TNT every day.  In fact those two shows are the only reason I keep my Roku hooked up, I don’t use it for anything else.  Now that I’ve got that out of the way I’ll get to the point, please don’t take anything personally, these are just my suggestions.

  • Know How – I was a fan of Iyaz‘s show This Old Nerd and was thrilled when you announced Know How since I enjoyed This Old Nerd so much, but I do think there is one problem with the show, and please don’t take this the wrong way but Leo, it’s you.  I know your trying to help and explain everything that Iyaz is saying but when you chime in it throws me off and distracts me from what the project is.  Episode #16 with Iyaz and Tom was much easier to follow, I love you Leo but maybe Tom should take over for you on this one.
  • Sarah Lane – She has enough on her plate as is and could use a break, now that you have Shannon Morse let Sarah off TNT and replace her with Shannon, then Sarah can focus on her other shows and Shannon can become more well known to the audience though TNT.  Sarah seems tired and could use a break, not having to do a daily show five days a week would give her time to prepare for her other shows.
  • Apple – Um just Tone it down a bit, I understand everyone at TWiT are Apple fan boys but I know Apple fan boys, who watch the network, who think it gets old.  Look I’m the first to admit, I’m a Google fan boy and proud of it, and I understand that for some reason people love Apple and I’m fine with that, but it’s hard to go five minutes without hearing about Apple on almost any of the shows(Security Now & NSFW are the exceptions), even during discussions that don’t relate to Apple some how Apple comes up.  It’s just a little much is all I’m trying to say, Apple isn’t the center of the universe. (and no neither is Google, I wouldn’t want to hear about them as much either)

NSFW / Security Now / TWiG – These a perfect just the way they are and are some of my favorite shows, don’t change a thing here!

So Leo there you have it, I hope you haven’t been offended by my suggestions since that was not my intent with any of this, I kind of look up to you and hope to own an online network some day, so I would hate to think I offended you in any way.  My intent here was just to try and make the network better, never to offend.  As always it’s your baby and you will do what you think is best, I just wanted to put this out there.  Keep up the great work, may the TWiT Network out live us all, and enjoy your cruise, you deserve a real break, not just a Madonna concert short break.