Step Up or Step Aside

With the Black Lives Matter movement continuing to say that All Live Matter is racist I’m reminded of two things, #1 reverse racism, and #2 the boy who cried wolf.  The Reverse Racism issue is claiming that saying anyone who thinks all live matter is a racist thing to say, by saying only black lives matter your being racist against every other group of people.  The Boy Who Cried Wolf issue is just that, by claiming everything is racist eventually people are going to stop caring what you say.  It’s like car alarms, at first when a car alarm went off people would think something was wrong and do something about it, nowadays nobody even looks at the car, they just click the remote and walk away.  This is what’s happening with the term racist, when you claim everything is racist you loose all credibility and no one cares what you have to say.

Why All Lives Matter

All Live Matter because we’re all important, if I see a black baby and a white baby and both are malnourished I’m not going to only feed the white baby because it has the same skin color as me, no I’m going to feed both those babies because both lives are precious and we’re all human beings.  That’s what some many people seem to forget, we’re all human beings, our skin color maybe different but a white persons heart can be donated and be placed in a black persons chest and save that persons life, why?  Because we’re all human and we all matter.  And beside focusing on just one group only divides us and we can’t start making things better until we focus on everyone.

Is There Still Racism?

Oh of course there is, but it goes both ways.  whites hating blacks, blacks hating whites, it’s everywhere and that’s part of the problem.  We need to stop hating each other and see that we’re all in this together and that staying divided will only make things worse, and if we ever want to make progress towards ending racism we’re going to have to come together, forgive each other and work together.
The other thing that needs to happen is that people need to start taking responsibility for the actions of the people they are fighting for, blacks need to start the crimes and rioting, whites need to start the violence against blacks, everyone needs to step up and take responsibility for the actions of the people they represent.  So with that I’m introducing a new hashtag:


It’s time to start taking responsibility for not only your own actions but the actions of those you are fighting for, either you Step Up and end the bad behavior or you Step Aside and let someone else in your group do what you are unwilling to do.  If you are unwilling to take action and do something about the problem then you are part of the problem, and it’s time for you to Step Aside and let someone else Step Up and do something about it, by standing in their way you’re just contributing to the problems and slowing progress, so either Step Up Or Step Aside.
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