Something is wrong with my Google account

Saturday Morning I was looking up a band called FireFlight and accidently typed FireFight, as soon as I saw the results I realized my mistake and corrected my spelling and went on with my day.  Then since I work at night I went to bed and got up in the afternoon and booted up my computer opened up Chrome and started surfing, then I did a Google search and as soon as the search results finished loading the results field went blank and FireFight was in the search box.  I took a screen shot after I tried to search for Yahoo, but I’ve searched for Google properties and this has happened, it happened no matter what I search for.

I’ve run a virus scan and maleware scan and I’m clean, I’ve gone into my Google accout and deleted the past seven days of cookies, cache, and history, I’ve tried using Firefox and signing into my account to see if it was just Chrome, I’ve tried using two other computers, and still nothing is working.  I think this a Google server site problem since I’ve done everything I can think of to fix this and nothing is working, and it’s happening on three diffrent computers and the only thing they have in common is me being signed into my Google account.  I do have a Google Apps account for my business and I signed into it and did several searches and had no problems, so this has to be an issue with Google.
Also it’s not just happening to serach results, and Google property I visit when I’m logged in to my personal Google account has FireFight take over the serach bar, and since every Google property has a search bar this makes everything a pain to use.  Can someone give me any idea of something I can do to make this stop without having to give up my account and start over?
Even though I don’t think it matters the three computers I used were two Windows Vista laptops, and an Ubuntu Laptop, all three up patched and up to date and running anti-virus and anti-maleware.

UPDATE 2:26 A.M. 4-14-2014
After some research I found a Reddit post on /r/Google that found that the problem was with the LastPass extension, I disabled the extension and the problem stopped, further reading revealed that by going into the LastPass extension preferences and un-checking “Automatically Fill Login Information” solved the problem.  Hopefully the LastPass will have a fix for this soon, but until they do I’ll just have to make do.  Also this is a problem with the Firefox extension since I was having the same issue when using Firefox.