Sniper: Reloaded

So yesterday I watched Sniper: Reloaded and what a piece of crap that was! It totally disregarded the story of the first three Sniper movies. Every scene of this movie was a spit in the face of the the original. Also throughout the entire movie the Marines keep referring to themselves as Solders! Anyone who knows anything about Marines knows that they will never call themselves Solders! Also Beckett never had a son, yet the story is based on Beckett’s son….ooookkkkk. Plus you have to love how the son was never taught anything about sniping and yet as soon as he gets a rifle with a scope in his hands he’s a master shot at long range, yeah not going to happen, it takes a long time to learn that skill!

So yeah the whole movie was total shit, and the only reason I didn’t write this yesterday was the fact that we lost power and I couldn’t write anything. Basically if you are a fan of the Sniper series don’t see this one, it will ruin the series for you.

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