Sex Drive Unrated.

So I watched the unrated version of sex drive earlier this morning on netflix instant and damn was it funny. I see why it had to be unrated, full frontal nudity of both male and female, gentlemen if you don’t want to see mens junk flopping around don’t watch the unrated version, but on the other hand if you can get over it and are secure enough in your sexuality it is worth it to see all the random female nudity…and there is alot of random female nudity. Oh yeah and it’s funny as hell.

Fun fact that I didn’t know till I looked up the film online, the older brother “Rex” is played by James Marsden the same guy who played Scott Summers / Cyclops in the X-MEN movies and the boyscout / Superman in Superman Returns.

The tease at the end is just wrong, the girl is so damn hot…it’s the only part of the movie I hate the producers for. But still if you haven’t seen it give it a shot, it’s so worth it!

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