Saving money switching from Sprint to Ting.

When I got my first cell phone I got it with Alltel, and that sucked, Alltel was horrible.  Once my contract was up with them I switched to AT&T and at first I was happy then the service started to cut in and out and my monthly bill start to go up so I switched to Sprint when my 2 year contract was up with AT&T.  Now I was really happy with Sprint, the price was lower than AT&T and the service was much better, plus the people at the Sprint store didn’t act like pricks unlike the people at every AT&T store I went to.

So I was happy, and when my two year contract was up I renewed it and got a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and went on my merry way.  Then I noticed that my bill was going up a little every month and I started to watch it and it just kept going up, I started off paying about $72.00 a month for an unlimited plan and by July of 2013 (the middle of my 4th year with Sprint) my bill had gone up to $98.15.  That means in 3 1/2 years my bill went up 23 dollars, or about $0.76 per month.

So in January of 2013 I started thinking about dropping Sprint for a Tracfone or some other prepaid provider when I was listening to on of the TWiT podcasts I listen to while driving when they talked about Ting, and since I had been looking for low budget backup phone I gave it a shot and tried out the service.  Now Ting runs off the Sprint network so I checked my connection on both devices all over the place, I took both the Sprint phone and the Ting phone everywhere I normally go and tested them both, and the Ting phone operated just like the Sprint phone so on August 5, 2013 I bit the bullet and switched to Ting canceling my Sprint contact 6 months early, and paid the ETF of $350, and yet I still saved almost $400 in that six months.  The whole process took less than an hour, I did everything myself, and there are very well written instructions for a variety of phones.

I love Ting, and will most likely be with them for a very long time, my only issue is that in the last two months I stopped being able to get a data connection anywhere in or near Mansfield Ohio, thankfully I’m not there for more than an hour a night but still I wonder why I stopped getting a connection when I had one before.  I can still get voice and text but no data anywhere in Mansfield (darn not YouTube or voice to text), I wonder if Sprint is doing something to the connection to make a MVNO look worse than the carrier it’s self.  I can’t prove this it’s just a theory, but between the money I’ve saved, the insight on my own usage, and the amazing customer support (it’s real people with real knowledge of what they’re talking about talking to you) I’m totally fine with no data connection in one city I’m only in for an hour a night, I have data everywhere else I go.

So stop paying absurd amounts of money to the carriers, switch to Ting!  And if you click on the Ting logo below it will take you to the Ting website and you’ll get a $25.00 credit on your account when you sign up.  The way this works is every Ting customer get’s a referral link, and if someone signs up using that link they get a $25.00 credit and so does the person that owns the link.  Understand I will get a $25.00 credit as will you if you follow my link, but I did not write this post just to try and get referrals, I really do love Ting and want to spread the word.  Also I have in no way been promoted or offered monetary gain for writing this, no one from or representing Ting have prompted me to write this post.  Now click the link below for your $25.00 credit and start saving money with Ting!