Pull some teeth, watch some movies!

So since I’ve had some down time due to having my wisdom teeth removed, I’ve been watching some movies! So here is a review of what I’ve seen!

1. An American Crime: The true story of severe child abuse resulting in the death of the girl. Just a sad piece of film, that in my view really didn’t need to be made. It was very slow, it didn’t really have a good moral ending, just not worth the time. The only reason I finished it was the fact that it starred Ellen Page.

2. Passengers: Talk about a poor mans Sixth Sense! The acting was mediocre at best, the story was VERY weak, and in no time you can guess the ending. Really it was just painful to sit though, if you ever have the chance, don’t.

3. Zombie Strippers: So bad it was good! As long as you understand that it’s a comedy, and that is a bunch of porn stars doing the acting you will enjoy this one. It’s a trashy movie, with several anti-bush jokes, but it’s got lots of nudity so thats a plus! Just a heads up your not going to see more of Jenna Jameson than you already have, if thats what your watching for just watch one of her pornos.

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