Pope Benedict XVI in the UK.

Fist read the story.

Ok, now so the pope thinks that religion should be forced into politics even though the law and the people say it shouldn’t be. I know it’s not the same in the UK as it is here in the US but in England they don’t even want to know what your religion is if your running for office, they understand that the issue is how they will govern not how they pray, and that is one of the thing s I really like about England. The only reason the pope is doing this historic trip to the UK is because people are waking up and realizing that organized religion is a sham and they don’t want some old, never married, out of tough man telling them what they can and can not do. The catholic church says that condoms are wrong even though they help prevent the spread of AIDs, that masturbation is wrong, and basically every free thought you have is wrong and that you should just be a mindless drone doing what ever the church tells you. Just to show you how out of touch they are it was just within the last ten years that they said they were wrong for the inquisition! What you are seeing in this trip is a bunch of power hungry old men, who have more money than some countries, seeing that they are loosing power and are doing everything they can to try to hold on to what they have and keep their money. By they way on the money issue, the UK is paying for this visit while the vatican is keeping all it’s dirty money, isn’t that nice? I say if you want to do a state visit or any kind of visit you should damn well have to pay for it, when the pope comes to the US I hope like hell that the US government says you will be paying for your own visit, I know they won’t but a man can dream can’t he?

If your in the UK I say protest the pope, and demand to know why you as a taxpayer have to pay for him to come to your land and disrespect your way of life!

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