People who don’t use turn signals

First let me say right away that I occasionally forget to use my turn signal, most of the time it’s when I’m on the back roads of my neighborhood though.  Ok I’m a courier so I see a lot of traffic and one thing that drives me nuts it people changing lanes without signaling.  The other maddening thing is when someone fails to use their signal right in front of a police car and the cop doesn’t do anything, I mean come on at least ticket them for failure to signal!

Ok I know this is a minor issue and I shouldn’t get worked up about it but I do have one area that makes me want to pull my hair out.  When I get on the highway every night to go pick up my load I drive down Portage road to get onto I-77, when you past the last light before the on ramp to I-77 it’s a two lane road, once past the light at third lane opens up on the right that is a Right Turn Only lane that you get into to get on the I-77 on ramp.  What drives me crazy is when people change lanes from the right hand lane into the Turn Only lane without signaling but then once they are in the Turn Only lane they turn on their right turn signal!

One night a few years ago while getting gas I was talking to a cop at the pump next to me and I asked him about that, he said that you don’t have to signal if your in a turn only lane.  So basically these dumb-asses are breaking traffic laws by not signalling when they are supposed to but then needlessly signalling when they don’t need to.

By the way, below I’ve included a screen capture of the location I’m talking about.  You can clearly see that it’s marked as a turn only lane with two other lanes beside it.

Ok, I know that this is a minor thing and I shouldn’t care enough about it to devote a post to it, but this is just something that I see every night and it’s been eating at me for years, maybe getting it off my chest will help me let go of it.  But honestly, when you see someone do something like this don’t you once in awhile think to yourself “why do I even bother following the traffic laws. no one else does”.
Thank you for reading my rant, I’ll get off my soapbox now.