I just finished the movie Paul, oh my god was that funny! It’s all dumb humor but that doesn’t mean it’s stupid! You will be laughing all the way though the film, it was written wonderfully, and the sci fi references are hilarious. you know what I’m not going to say anything else about the film other than just to say SEE IT!

Side note after posting this: I’ve read a lot of reviews about this film after posting this review and I just want to clear something up. Everyone complained about the fact the Paul smoked, what they all failed to see was the joke behind his smoking! He spent the entire film talking about evolution and how his people were so much more advanced than humans and all the while he’s doing one of the dumbest things that humans do which is smoking. It’s a non-verbalized joke, or to say it in a manner that these people can understand, it’s a visual joke, see the humor in it and laugh dumbasses!

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