Olbermann suspended for political gifts

First read this story: Olbermann suspended for political gifts

Ok I’m no fan of Keith Olbermann, I agree with his views but I think he’s a hack, but even I think this is utter bullshit. First of all Joe Scarborough who is the jackass that hosts Morning Joe, has donated WAY MORE to Republican canidates and he has never been punished. Second the rule states that “news anchors” have to clear donations before hand, if anyone thinks Keith Olbermann is a “news anchor” they have never watched his show. Olbermann just gives his views, and tells you what to think, his show gives FAR FAR less news than Joe Scarborough’s show which at least has some substance to it.

Whether you agree with Olbermann or not you have to stand up and tell MSNBC that they have to either bring back Olbermann and issue a public apology, or suspend without pay Joe Scarborough for as long and Olbermann is suspended. I say fair is fair, you can’t pick and choose who you punish. Oh and while we’re at it, why not look into the executives at GE (GE owns MSNBC) and see how much they’ve given to politician’s without reporting it. Or how about looking into every other person who appears on the channel, lets pull their financial records and see if anyone else has broken your little rule! I bet you find more than one!

But really MSNBC, don’t be douchebags do the right thing.
In fact, until Olbermann is brought back or until Scarborough is suspended without pay I encourage all of you to follow my lead and boycott MSNBC. And while we’re at it lets try to make advertisers pull their ads from MSNBC to prove that we’re serious!

Here’s a starter list of advertisers:
Kashi cereals
Progressive Insurance
Aruba Tourism Department
Transitions Lenses

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