Oil Companies Subsidies

Ok so the oil companies want to keep their precious subsidies while charging the American people ridiculous prices and the entire time the corporate puppets in D.C. are arguing to let them keep them instead of representing us the voters. Here is my suggestion on how we can reach a compromise, the oil companies can keep their subsidies but as long as they do they come under the thumb of the federal government who is giving them the subsidies so therefor the government can and will impose a cap on the amount that these companies can charge the consumer at the pump. This cap should be what would be considered “fair” so I say it should be set at $3.00 a gallon, and any company found to be charging more than that will be fined $1 million dollars per store per day, and all fines will go to subsiding alternative sources of energy.

Lets face it 70% of the oil that comes out of United States held territory is sent off to other parts of the world for profit that we in the USA never see, there is no patriotism in capitalism so why should we care if we hurt the oil companies who are making record profits every year while the rest of the country suffers? It’s about time we force a little patriotism on them!

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