Well the past few days have been bad, first I found out that one of the other drivers who came to the rep to pick up the New York Times died on Thursday, thankfully he died in his home and not on the road. His name (as I knew him) was Billy, he was a very quite but nice old man who just kept working until the day he died. I have to admit I didn’t know that much about him but still I was one of the few that he talked to and that always meant something, so good bye Billy, you will be missed.

Sunday I woke up and got on my computer to find an email from Jim saying that Ken Vejda had died. Ken Vedja was the transportation manager for the NYT’s district I’m in, and the man who I did my bidding with and the man I called when ever I had a problem. Ken had been battling cancer for about 17 years, and sadly he finally lost the battle. With his passing I feel very sorry for his family and I have a few regrets, I never got to properly thank him for all the help he’s giving me since I put my bid in for the contract, and that I never got to meet the man face to face. I have to say I also regret that I won’t be able to make it to the funeral on Wednesday since he lived just out side Chicago and I can’t make it back in time to do my run. So to you Ken I say good bye and I will never forget you, and Thank you.

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