Obamas not the only one!

Well since President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize less than a year into his first term I started going through cereal boxes looking for my own prize, and guess what after dumping out hundreds of boxes of Swedish cereal I found the prize inside! Yes that right the golden ticket!…Medal…What ever. So know it’s Nobel Peace Prize finding Laureate oppy1984 to you!

And now I’m going to use my status and create my own prize one that shows when something has run it’s course and needs to just go away, something or some one who has, well lets say “jumped the shark”, you know run it’s course and isn’t taken seriously any more. I’m going to call it “The Death Knell Peace Prize” Death Knell for those of you who don’t know means “The tolling of a bell announcing death”.
So without further ado my first winner of The Death Knell Peace Prize is…The Nobel Peace Prize! Congratulations! The Winner can claim their prize right after hell freezes over since I won’t be giving out any money. But if you wish to display the picture on your website, or print it out and frame it please be my guest. But I do ask that if you display it on your website add a link back to my blog so I can get more readers. Again congratulations you washed up shit bag.

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