Non-Stop was a predictable let down, yes it had a few minor twists but it was nothing big and the ending was ridiculous at best.  This film had me so bored that I could hardly pay attention to the end, I ended up taking two breaks just to get away from the film because it was so boring and over the top.  I don’t mind over the top in sci-fi films and things that are meant to be over the top but this was meant to be realistic, and this film just wasn’t.
Liam Neeson was fine I guess, there was nothing that really stood out but he also didn’t do anything that detracted from the film.  Julianne Moore was the same not bad, not good.  The rest of the cast was alright as well, nothing to really speak of though.
It was fine, I can see where they tried to ramp up the tension but with a film this bad it just wasn’t enough.  It never hurt the film though, it just couldn’t save it.
Well, it was crap.  The story was ridiculous and had several plot devices that just screamed out to me as “BULLSHIT”.  I won’t give any examples since it would give away key parts of the film, but having grown up in aviation I can tell you that most of the key elements of this film would never really happen.  It was just a bad script with an ending that was so stupid that it’s not to be believed.
Total trash.  The film lacks in everything but music.  This isn’t even a good popcorn flick, it’s just bad, and in the end you’ll regret having wasted you time on this film.