Netflix Planned Maintenance.

So when I got home I remembered that I had two titles that I wanted to remove from my Netflix queue since I bought one and the other was now steamable. I went to the DVD queue found the two titles and removed them, then hit update and when the page refreshed both my DVD and Instant queue’s where empty and at the top I got a message saying something about steaming content is unavailable due to planned maintenance. So I freaked out a little, then went to the Netflix Blog and the Netflix Tech Blog to see it there was any information on what was going on. What a surprise, not a damn thing, so I checked the Facebook page, nothing, so I checked the Twitter account, surprise surprise not a damn thing. So I gave up and called the help number, which they now give you as apposed to the last time I had a problem and couldn’t get the number or an email address (I still can’t email them), and I got a message saying they were experiencing a higher than normal call load, please call back later, then the damn thing hung up on me! Just for the hell of it I called just now and I still get the same message and it’s been almost two hours.
So at the time of writing I now have both my queue’s back (thank god) but I can’t steam yet, which is fine since I’m watching a movie I rented in the Playstation Store anyway.
The bigger issue for me is the lack of respect for the customer, there was no warning of this. Maybe if they put something up on the blog or facebook or twitter, or hell even if they went old school and sent an email out that would have fine. This has been a major problem with Netflix for many years now and they really need to change this since anyone with a bit of business sense knows the first thing you’ve got to do is keep the customer happy, even if it’s just a quick blog post or FB post or tweet, or email, the key is to keep the customer in the loop. If you do that then when something goes wrong or you have to shut down for maintenance the customer is more understanding and forgiving because you kept them in the loop. This is a very basic business practice that for some reason Netflix can’t seem to understand.