Netflix keeps driving customers away by killing shows

I cancelled my Netflix account in 2017(see my post about that here), I have been reactivating it once every six months just to keep my queue active to track the few shows I’m still watching but just for one month. The last time I reactivated (June) I had 3 shows I was still watching, Peaky Blinders, The Ranch, and the now cancelled Santa Clarita Diet. With the cliffhanger cancellation of Santa Clarita Diet I’m now never going to start a new Netflix show no matter how good it seems. I’m just sick of being burned by Netflix.

This is not the first show that I started only to have Netflix cancel it without giving it an ending, and while I never got into The OA, I feel for the fans of that show because I know what they are feeling. The feeling of total disregard for the viewer is disgusting, why should we be loyal to a brand that repeatedly lets us down?

Netflix is trying the shotgun method, creating several shows at a time and then only keeping one or two from each try. If on the other hand they focused on quality of quantity they could produce more quality longer lasting shows that would keep customers coming back time and time again. Sadly the management of Netflix thinks people will keep coming back regardless of how badly they treat them. Well as of September 10, 2019 that method of management has proven yet again that it’s not working out.


On September 10, 2019 the #CancelNetflix movement took place and Twitter was flooded with people who canceled their Netflix accounts. This is the best way to show your dissatisfaction with the company, if the subscriber base goes down it will not only hurt their profits but it will hurt their stock price (NFLX) and being a publicly traded company that is something they REALLY don’t want.

So if you have been growing tired of your favorite shows being cancelled by Netflix, cancel your subscription to Netflix! As long as you continue to pay them they will continue to abuse you as a customer. Remember we have the power, we don’t need Netflix, they need us.

What to do now?

Well first cancel your Netflix account, here is a Wikihow article to help you if you don’t know how to go about this. Second check out my post Why after 14 years of being a subscriber, I canceled my Netflix account and at the bottom is a brief list of alternatives you can check out. Third, when you cancel your account make sure you contact them and let them know why you are cancelling. Just please be respectful, if you call remember the people on the phones aren’t the ones cancelling the shows so don’t take you frustration out on them.

If you just aren’t sure on where to go to find something to watch get the $0.99 kindle book A Brief Guide to Cord Cutting: Watch TV on the Internet without paying for cable by Tom Merritt. I am not affiliated with Tom Merritt, I’m just a fan of his work. The link to his book is an Amazon affiliate link, buying through this link adds nothing to your cost and helps support this site since I have removed third party ads.