My thoughts on the passing of Steve Jobs.

First let it be known that I hate Apple and I hate Steve Jobs, that having been said I can’t understand why so many people are upset. But what ever, worship the man if you choose.

What pisses me off is people getting mad when you make a Steve Jobs is dead joke. They say that it’s cruel, that is makes you a horrible person, that you are cruel and inhumane. Where were these people when we were making Osama Bin Laden is dead jokes the night Obama made the announcement? Oh I see, if you like the guy it’s cruel and inhumane, but if you don’t like the guy it’s funny as hell and you’ll laugh right along with me! You can’t have it both ways.
Now I did edit my post on Facebook out of respect for some one I care about, unfortunately I did not know some background information from him and now I fear I have hurt him. Now if I had known that beforehand I would have restrained myself, but I didn’t know that beforehand so treated the death of Steve Jobs (someone I hate) just as I did the death of Osama Bin Laden (also someone I hate).
Now if I was on TV or radio and was asked my thoughts of the passing of Steve Jobs I would know that my words could possibly get back to the Jobs family I would censor myself and say something like “No Comment” or “My thoughts are with the Jobs family”. But the thing I said was in a FRIENDS ONLY Facebook post, so the Jobs family were not going to see it! Now I know this begs the question would I crack jokes behind my friends backs? No, they are my friends and I would never do that, they are my friends so that means I like them, and that means I won’t crack jokes, what I will do is been there for them and do what I could to help them though their pain. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a few relatives die that I didn’t like, in fact there was one who 99% of people would be VERY sad about the passing of, and guess what when I was around the people who love the person I was kind, I listened to the stories, said nice things, and was over all just kind to the people. When I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, there was no way those very same people would ever hear what I said, then and only then did I let the jokes fly.
Oh and please remember that I cracked a ton of jokes about Steve Jobs when he was alive, hell even when he had cancer, so I’m not being an asshole (even though I am one) I being consistent! Also, and I can’t stress this enough, please please please remember that I’m a cold heartless bastard who really does envy the dead.
You know I loved George Carlin and when he died I remember seeing and hearing things like “may he rot in hell” and “laugh now funny man” and other things that I didn’t find funny. And yet I never got upset, I never was hurt, I just understood that for some people George Carlin was hated, and they were happy to see him go. And guess what, I still talk to those very same people, even after they said those things about some one I loved, you know why? Because it’s their right to hate some one just like it’s my right to hate some one, so I stood my ground, simply said my goodbye’s, ignored the haters, and went on with my life.
Maybe people who love Steve Jobs should try that, ignore the haters morn your loss then get on with your life.
Life is far too important to be taken seriously. – Oscar Wilde

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