The media needs to stay out of disaster zones

As I see the coverage of Hurricane Harvey in Texas I keep thinking one thing, the reporters going out in boat and helicopters are taking up spots that could be given to victims.  I understand the “need to get the biggest scoop” but when it’s potentially hurting innocent people it’s not right.  I’m fine with them going to shelters and interviewing people or flying a drone over an area at low level to stay out of the way of rescue helicopters, but going out and taking up space isn’t brave, is arrogant and hurts the victims.

There needs to be a rule that no non-essential people can ride in rescue vehicles until rescue efforts have ceased.  Of course if some private citizen is out with their own vehicle and wants to get their 15 minutes of fame by taking a news crew with them, fine it’s their right, I’m only saying that non-essential people be banned from Federal, State, and Local rescue vehicles until rescue efforts have ceased.

This is going to be a short post, well it’s more of a short rant, but I just needed to get this out.  If enough people are interested in this maybe I could set up some kind of petition to call on authorities to ban non-essential people from rescue vehicles until rescue efforts have ceased.  We’ll see, but until then here are some links to donate to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, just click the images below to be taken to their donation page.