Mark Halperin says “Obama acted like a dick” and armageddon is upon us.

So Mark Halperin on Morning Joe said he thought President Obama was “kind of a dick.” in a press conference the previous day, and he thought the seven second delay would work but the producer didn’t hit the right button so it went out over the air waves and when they came back from commercial he had to make an apology and then later that day he had been suspended indefinitely from just about everything.

Ok so here’s the problem, it’s not that he used the word “dick” or that he called the president a dick, it’s the fact that some one has been suspended for stating their view. Bill O’reilly stated that abortion doctors should be “taken out” and he never had to say “I’m sorry”, he never got suspended, he never had to answer for Doctor Tiller’s murder. This is what’s wrong with our world, you can turn on a TV and see violence and murder all day but if you show the naked human body that’s immoral! I’m sick of this world and it’s hypocrisy and to anyone and everyone who said that Mark Halperin had to apologize and to those who called for and did suspend him I say to you, you are the true dicks in the room.

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