M.J. Dead.

Well Michael Jackson died today… Now if we can just get rid of the priests all the young boys can be safe. Oh by the way if you can’t tell I’m pissed off that George Carlin didn’t get anything close to this kind of coverage. And yes I know what you will say “but Jackson had a world wide influence” yeah well so did Carlin and for that matter so did Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett, but guess what they got nothing compared to Jackson. And if you didn’t know Ed McMahon died on Tuesday, and Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died within hours of each other.

And what about George Carlin you say, well he died June 22, 2008, so just over a year ago. And guess what the most he got was a tiny space at the bottom of the New York Times (I have a copy of this issue, so trust me on this) saying George Carlin has died. M.J. the little boy rapping freak will get coverage for days and memorials, and everyone will forget about all the bad shit he did, well not me I will take every chance I get to remind people that he was a sick fucking freak and we are all better off with him in a pine box in the ground where he can’t hurt any children ever again.
Call me an asshole but George Carlin was way more important than any of these other fuckers who have died, but then again I am talking to the retarded American people who don’t care about people who have a brain and can make you laugh and think at the same time, no no no we want the one’s who put on a soap opera with their life cuz we is to stupid to get intelligent humor we just want to judge some one and then forget it and love them…
Fuck it I’m moving to Europe.

One more thing on M.J.

Ok I forgot to say one thing about Michael Jackson. This point was brought up by Jim while I was getting loaded (loading newspapers into my car, not getting drunk), I hope to god that no one pulls the Elvis shit and says they saw M.J. in Sheboygan. Let me just end this right now, Michael Jackson and Elvis are DEAD! Get over it!

And lets not forget the ones about how all the little boys and girls in the world will sleep safe tonight. LOL

And one more joke I found on youtube: NEWSFLASH, Michael Jackson is dead! I heard they were going to melt him down into dolls so Kids can play with him for a change!

Love it or hate it just remember I didn’t make you read this.

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