Lucy is a film that you go into with the mindset of a superhero movie, if you go into it thinking it’s going to be be based totally on facts then you’ll hate it.  Lucy is a sci-fi action film, not a commentary on morality or the human condition.  Yes Lucy is over the top, yes it’s totally unrealistic, yes it’s a script written around gun battles and car chases, but as a pure entertainment film it works.


Well the story was kind of thin, there certainly was a script but I think it came second to the gun battles and car chases.  The whole idea of a drug that increases your brain power has been done, Limitless for example, the only difference is Lucy isn’t a smart film, it’s a dumb action film with fake science to try and make it look smart.  My biggest issue with this film is that it just felt rushed, it seem like they were trying to fit a 2 hour film into a 89 minute slot, if the director had just made the film a little longer and given the audience a little more time to breath this might have been a better film.


The music fit the film very well, fast paced music to drive the scene, drawn out music for the tense moments.  Nothing else really to say, the music fit the film.


Scarlett Johansson goes from party girl to super cold in one scene, it was kind of like watching her become an even colder Black Widow.  Morgan Freeman was as always great, he could have played every character in Batman & Robin and I still would have to say the acting was great, even if he had bat-nipples!  The rest of the cast was fine, nothing to really go on about so I’ll just leave it there.


Lucy is a pure sci-fi action film that is meant as entertainment only, if you can go into this film with that mind set then you’ll enjoy it.  I’d say give it a shot, it’s not long, and it’s just dumb fun.