Long Drive.

So I did my run to Mansfield just as I do six nights a week and then headed home after an uneventful night, now just to fill in those who don’t know I take Route 30 from Canton (where I pick up the papers) to Mansfield (where I drop off the papers).  Then after a stop at the Route 30 east bound rest area I jump on I-71 North and take that to 224 east and take that to I-77 south and that’s how I get home.

Ok now that the back story in done, so I was on 224 on my way back and thought “you know I’ve never been on 224 east past Canton road I wonder where it goes”, so like the dumb ass I am I just keep going.  Well at first it was going fine I had my GPS on so I could see everything ahead of me and I was following the 224 signs with out any problems and for an hour to an hour and a half I just kept seeing the signs then one sign said 224&17 this way, so I turn and follow the signs then the 224 signs disappeared and I can only see 17 signs.  At this point I figure 17 and 224 are the same and I’ll just follow 17, then I saw the sign saying I was entering Youngstown… shit, so I keep going (remember I’m a dumb ass) and follow 17 through an area that would make 6Th street in downtown canton look like nothing, and of course 17 dead ends into another street with no markings what so ever…again shit.
Well I just turned around and hit the home button on the GPS since they don’t have a button that says “GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” and it had me get onto I-80 west.  So I followed the directions that I was given by the GPS and wondered if it was messing with me since it had me head in north, but apparently I know nothing about I-80 since some how I-80 merged with I-76 and went towards Akron and 224, which then led to I-77.  So instead of getting home after the run around 1:30 A.M I ended up getting home at 4:35 A.M., and yes I looked at my watch when I got home, then called myself a dumb ass.  Now for the best part, the run to and from Mansfield is about 150 miles, I did my mileage as I do every night and then subtracted the mileage on the car from what I should have driven and I did exactly an extra 150 miles!  So I did and extra trips worth of driving for no damn reason.
So the moral of the story is if I say want to go for a drive with me just say no, since I don’t pull over for a bathroom unless I have to go REALLY bad, and I’m to stubborn to turn around and go back the way I came (most of the time, I have don’t that a few times).
So now I ask who wants to go for a ride?

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